History of "The School House on the Hill"

The very first "schoolhouse on the hill" was built in the early 1860's on the first tract of land purchase from Samuel and Rebecca Seibel by the school directors of Springfield Township in August, 1860 (Deed Book 113, Page 241).  This first building is no longer in existence.  It was in such poor condition that it was torn down and replaced with the main building by 1877.  According to one little girl who remembered the original school house, she stated that you could see daylight through the boards of which the school house was constructed.

A second tract of land was acquired from Henry and Lucy Richard by the school directors of Springfield Township in March, 1903 (Deed Book 658, Page 552)

A third tract of land, three acres in all, was purchased from Walter and Jadwiga Soltysiak in June, 1948 (Deed Book 870, Page 445)

Passer Union Sunday School met on Sunday afternoons from 1877 to 1938.

Fairmont Literary Society met here from 1897-1904.

The second room, or the smaller of the two rooms, was built in 1892 and enlarged in 1902.

The two-room "school house on the hill" was closed in 1953.  The PTA reorganized and became PCA (Passer Community Association).  The PCA purchased the building in 1955.