Renting the Community Center

Passer Community Center is available to rent as a venue for your events!  

The use of the outdoor grounds is free of charge, but we do need to be made aware at least 2 weeks in advance that you plan to use the grounds to ensure no one else has booked the property.  (Use of the grounds does not include use of the indoor bathroom facilities.  We do have outhouses to the rear of the building.)  

The interior of the community center is available as a venue between mid-March to mid-December.  The donation is $200 per 4 hours of use ($50 up front to reserve your event date).  $50 will be refunded as long as the premises is left clean when you leave, there is not damage to the building or grounds, and no theft of property.  If a setup is required, there is a $25/hour donation.  If your membership is up-to-date with Passer Community Center, there is a 10% discount offered.

The $50 donation to hold your event date is requested at the time you reserve the community center. The remainder of the donation will be requested at least one week prior to your event. Security deposits will be refunded within 2 weeks after your event.  If you cancel your event, we will need 1 week notice of this cancellation in case someone else would like to use the premises.  Use of refrigerator is permitted; however, use of the stove and ovens will not be permitted (for liability reasons). Use of the kitchen is permitted, but you must bring your own crockpots, buffet pans, utensils, etc. You are more than welcome to have a caterer for your event, but the use of the stove and oven will not be permitted. There will be no use of Passer Community Center's kitchen supplies. You may decorate the building if you so choose as long as you do not damage the walls, trims, doors, etc with Scotch tape, thumb tacks, nails, etc.  Masking tape will be permitted. You will also be responsible for supplying all paper goods (paper towels, toilet paper, plates, eating utensils, etc.). ALL GARBAGE MUST BE TAKEN WITH YOU WHEN YOU LEAVE (whether garbage is deposited in indoor or outdoor receptacles).

There are tables and chairs for your use.  We ask that any movement of furniture be done gingerly by LIFTING (and not dragging) tables, chairs, etc. Our hardwood floors are antique and scratch easily.

At this time, there will be NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES on the premises whatsoever at any time.  (We will be reviewing this policy at an undetermined time in the future).  No bonfires are permitted due to Springfield Township regulations (a permit is required).  Also, no spiked heels, cleats, or other sharp objects that come in contact with the floor will be permitted inside the building in order to preserve our antique hardwood floors.  And, as always, we expect that you leave the premises as you found it - clean, tidy, and without damages.  

Please contact Kristin or Shirley for availability and details.

Kristin Roth ~ 610-248-2843 or via email at

Shirley Kichline ~ 610-346-7401